Section E - Youth Corner

Der Yid has something for everyone, regardless of age. Our youth corner is devoured by children and teens! Word puzzles, parsha and holiday trivia, quizzes, riddles, humorous quotes, and challenging contests that sharpen their brains and win them prizes – the youth corner has it all. We’re also proud of our children stories that are written with nekidos (vowel signs used with the Hebrew alphabet), so that brand new readers can read them on their own.

Step in in to the home of a family in Williamsburg, Borough Park or Monsey during the weekend – winter or summer, on Friday afternoons and evenings or on Motzei Shabbos – and you’re likely to find children hunkered over these pages, reading, smiling, perhaps holding a pencil and eraser as they use their time to sharpen their minds, enjoying hours of satisfaction and fulfillment.

These pages are most suitable for the promotion of products and programs geared toward children and young adults.