Der Yid is the oldest, most widely circulated Yiddish newspaper in the Orthodox community. Boasting a strong and ever increasing readership base, Der Yid reaches tens of thousands of Orthodox Jewish households in the tri-state area. But our influence extends much farther: from Canada to Australia, from Argentina to the UK and Belgium and more – wherever there are Yiddish-speaking communities, you’ll find Der Yid there.

Section A - General News & Politics:

A newspaper is only as great as its contents. At Der Yid, our general News & Articles section presents richly-themed feature articles and the most relevant news of the day. All the topics we explore are expressly selected and written to suit the interests and cultural norms of Orthodox Yiddish readers. In this section, our reader is kept abreast of the latest international developments, the national and local political arena, and news specifically impacting Jewish communities locally and internationally. Our writers offer elaborate analyses and special reports on various subjects.

This section also features a weekly Editorial, setting the community's tone on important issues, as well as occasional Op-Eds discussing timely, relevant subjects. Letters from our Readers are a vital part of this section too, giving voice to - and often stirring lively debates among - community members.

When elected officials and representatives of governmental agencies, large corporations, and organizations want to reach out to the Orthodox Jewish community, Der Yid is their venue. Through advertisements, interviews, advertorials, and articles, Der Yid accords them the community’s ears and eyes. Since the Orthodox population doesn’t, as a rule, watch TV or check out many of the usual advertising platforms, Der Yid is often the single best way to communicate with its thousands of community members.

Section A1 - Business and Finance

In the Business section, our readers get an overview of the financial markets’ weekly updates, as well as news of other important financial happenings. This section also features several longer, insightful pieces on important commercial developments in the US, along with weekly snapshots of specific Fortune 500 companies. A series explaining certain new technologies is a popular part of the Business section, too. These include in-depth write-ups on green energy, computer processors, and other noteworthy technologies.

The business section is written in an especially refreshing style. Instead of using industry terminology and complex statistics or numbers that bore or confuse the average reader, we aim to make complicated financial concepts and topics a fun read. After all, who doesn't enjoy a good money story?

Section B - Communities & Institutions

The Kehilos & Mosdos (Communities & Institutions) section focuses on events and developments within the various Orthodox communities. Here’s where our readers catch up on all the news about, say, the expansion of an educational institution, the construction of a new school building, the dedication of a new synagogue, or the gathering for a major fund-raising event. Here’s where our readers get to see the reports and photos of celebrity weddings of Rabbinical dynasties or other prominent figures. And here’s where they read about and view photos of communal gatherings and special holidays.  

A number of pages in this section are dedicated to elaborate obituaries of community members. Other pages feature Book Reviews and general reporting on new Seforim (sacred texts) and Yiddish books that have hit the market.

Communities and institutions utilize this section for invitations to their annual events, to publicize the registration procedures of their schools, and for various other public service announcements. These pages also serve as a venue for institutions to post congratulatory wishes to donors, condolences to community leaders, and thank you notes to those deserving of them.  Private citizens also place their wedding invitations here to ensure that close relatives and friends are aware of and feel invited to their special occasion.


Section C - Torah

Ours is a culture with deep roots. And at the very foundation lies our Torah.

Der Yid’s Torah section is chock-full of insightful articles on an array of religious topics. These may include the examination and explanation of various customs and traditions, or profiles of Jewish leaders and Torah scholars, or interviews with community elders about pre-war and post-war Jewish life. 

Before any of the Jewish holidays, our expanded holiday editions usually highlight stories pertaining to the particular holiday. We provide uplifting commentary and fabulous stories, adding joy and spirituality to our readers’ lives.   

Section D - Family

The turf of the Jewish home, Der Yid’s Family section presents housekeeping solutions, excellent recipes, and culinary tips, especially before major holidays. Our keen articles engender lively discussions and debates on topics related to the home front and parenting.

Section E - Youth Corner

Der Yid has something for everyone, regardless of age. Our youth corner is devoured by children and teens! Word puzzles, parsha and holiday trivia, quizzes, riddles, humorous quotes, and challenging contests that sharpen their brains and win them prizes – the youth corner has it all. We’re also proud of our children stories that are written with nekidos (vowel signs used with the Hebrew alphabet), so that brand new readers can read them on their own.

Step in in to the home of a family in Williamsburg, Borough Park or Monsey during the weekend – winter or summer, on Friday afternoons and evenings or on Motzei Shabbos – and you’re likely to find children hunkered over these pages, reading, smiling, perhaps holding a pencil and eraser as they use their time to sharpen their minds, enjoying hours of satisfaction and fulfillment.

These pages are most suitable for the promotion of products and programs geared toward children and young adults.