Section B - Communities & Institutions

The Kehilos & Mosdos (Communities & Institutions) section focuses on events and developments within the various Orthodox communities. Here’s where our readers catch up on all the news about, say, the expansion of an educational institution, the construction of a new school building, the dedication of a new synagogue, or the gathering for a major fund-raising event. Here’s where our readers get to see the reports and photos of celebrity weddings of Rabbinical dynasties or other prominent figures. And here’s where they read about and view photos of communal gatherings and special holidays.  

A number of pages in this section are dedicated to elaborate obituaries of community members. Other pages feature Book Reviews and general reporting on new Seforim (sacred texts) and Yiddish books that have hit the market.

Communities and institutions utilize this section for invitations to their annual events, to publicize the registration procedures of their schools, and for various other public service announcements. These pages also serve as a venue for institutions to post congratulatory wishes to donors, condolences to community leaders, and thank you notes to those deserving of them.  Private citizens also place their wedding invitations here to ensure that close relatives and friends are aware of and feel invited to their special occasion.