Section A - General News & Politics:

A newspaper is only as great as its contents. At Der Yid, our general News & Articles section presents richly-themed feature articles and the most relevant news of the day. All the topics we explore are expressly selected and written to suit the interests and cultural norms of Orthodox Yiddish readers. In this section, our reader is kept abreast of the latest international developments, the national and local political arena, and news specifically impacting Jewish communities locally and internationally. Our writers offer elaborate analyses and special reports on various subjects.

This section also features a weekly Editorial, setting the community's tone on important issues, as well as occasional Op-Eds discussing timely, relevant subjects. Letters from our Readers are a vital part of this section too, giving voice to - and often stirring lively debates among - community members.

When elected officials and representatives of governmental agencies, large corporations, and organizations want to reach out to the Orthodox Jewish community, Der Yid is their venue. Through advertisements, interviews, advertorials, and articles, Der Yid accords them the community’s ears and eyes. Since the Orthodox population doesn’t, as a rule, watch TV or check out many of the usual advertising platforms, Der Yid is often the single best way to communicate with its thousands of community members.